For a company that will turn one hundred in a decade, Nestle has almost tried all of the strategies there can be.  Nestle company has expanded internationally, helped countries’ economies grow, be environmentally conscious and create joint ventures with other companies in which enhanced Nestlé’s and these companies’ performance positively.  Followed are a couple of recommendations in which might enhance their performance which are:

  • Exploit lands in poor countries:

It’s just like what they did for Nestle such countries are in South Africa for they suffer starvation.  Nestle can take advantage of the deserted lands, turn them to farms and employ from that land’s population to overcome their starvation problem or at least decrease.  This way, the company will still keep their values of being a people’s company, which cares of people.


  • Avoid actions that are bound to fail

 Even though there is no way that someone can know the future, but a good management team should be able to extrapolate if a plan they have might back fire such as the scandalous event resulting from their oil practices, for cosmetics, activities mentioned earlier.  They should’ve expected that dealing with such activities might result in leakage and that they should’ve taken precautions before head.


  • Invest on R&D

 Nestle should concentrate on that in order to come up with new products.  Since the company started out to serve infants in need for nutrition, Nestle should enhance and find way to enrich their product with substances and vitamins that will provide children their daily needs of calcium and even mothers.  Because they should start from mothers’ health in order to provide infants’ health.   Especially now when children suffer diabetes amongst other things, they need more care than before.


  • Joint ventures

Nestle should carry on with their partnership activities that will increase their competitive advantage more.  However, they shouldn’t venture their business with companies that can’t sustain the pressure of the market and in which waver under the scrutiny of competitors.  They should choose qualified companies and companies that show promising performance.


Even though the future can’t be told by looking at numbers and financial performance, companies should extrapolate what might happen and look at all the angles of matters in both ways, positively or negatively.  This action is crucial in the business field in order to come up with a plan to overcome these obstacles and enhance their strengths for a better performance in the market.  This report outlaid, evaluated and analyzed Nestlé’s performance in the market along with presenting recommendations that might help the company upgrade their activities in the market.






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